Faena Mar will be the most unique residential building like no other in the heart of Miami Beach and next to the ocean.

Besides the delightfulness of Faena’s designs all around the residences and the hotel, the upcoming project Faena Mar in Miami Beach will offer an extra feature that the residences at the current Faena Hotel do not offer, which is an extra level of privacy by taking away all the hotel guests and providing that extra comfort that the residents at Faena Mar will enjoy.

The perception that one can experience when being at any of the Faena’s premises is a sense of being in an amusement palace due to the victorious visuals whose purpose is to bring back the French Style from the 1950’s. Being there is like transporting yourself to a movie of colors with a fun energy and several atmospheres, allowing the spectator to never get the same sensation when walking from one place to another inside the premises.

The Exposure of the Art Movement that started in Faena Buenos Aires to the residents in Faena Mar at Miami Beach is to unmask artistic works and cross-cultural collaborations, placing Latin-American cultural practices within the broader international conversation. At the soon to be built Faena Forum, which will be across the street from the Faena Premises in Miami Beach, everyone will be able to enjoy the revelation of a cutting-edge cultural program for new, site-specific and interdisciplinary creative practices for the enrichment of the entire city of Miami. The Faena Forum will open by the end of this year…

The Spa at Faena Mar is called Terra Santa, inspired on ancient healing techniques, using organic soaps and scrubs to elevate the spirit by having heat and steam, to act as a full circuit cleansing ritual. The premise also includes an ocean front fitness studio, which provides private fitness classes, and a yoga studio. Furthermore, residents at Faena Mar will be enhanced by the masters of cut and color at the Rossano Ferreti Salon; based on Ferreti’s signature approach of hair styling and accentuating the organic natural hair texture.

To be delighted with the delicious tastes of all the restaurants in Faena Mar Miami Beach, one can start by going to Pao by Paul Qui and be submerged by the wide range of international cuisines including the French, Filipino, Japanese and Spanish. Los Fuegos is off course an Argentinean steakhouse, which serves the very best quality of South American live-fire cooking from the Argentine star chef Francis Mallman. There are other places where residents and guests can have exquisite meals, surrounded by a surrealistic Loungy Atmosphere at the “Living Room,” “The Saxony Bar,” and “Veranda.” They all mix up the glamour, elegance and the entertainment bundled in an intimate setting for an unforgettable experience.